Stain Color Sample Kit


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Stain Color Sample Kit

A Stain Color Sample Kit consists of thinner pieces of wood species that you select, something like a swatch.  Each sample is stained with the color that you select and then finished exactly the way a frame is finished so you get a true idea of the final color.  However, even in the same wood species the wood can have varying properties that can either stain slightly lighter or darker than the sample you received.

When you purchase a sample kit a coupon code is sent to you to use when you’re ready to order your frame, the amount of the coupon is limited to $10.  Simply enter the coupon code during check out to have it subtracted from your frame order.  Please let me know if the coupon does not work for some reason.

Most of the time a stain color sample kit is made to order.  This way you’re getting a color from the most recent batch of dyes as they are mixed by hand and can vary slightly.

Samples shown below are on quarter sawn white oak.  Other wood species are available either natural or in one of the colors shown below.  Please note, darker woods will stain differently than lighter woods.  If you’re interested in a different wood other than what’s listed feel free to contact me to discuss.

Other color samples on Cherry and Mahogany can be seen by selecting one of the thumbnails under the main image shown above ^.


Stain Color Sample Kit - Mission Light Mission-Medium-Med Mission-Dark-Med
Mission Light


Mission Medium


Mission Dark


Mission-Red-Med Mission-32 Fayetteville-Med
                      Mission Red


Mission 32 (Onondaga)


Fayetteville (Golden Flakes)


Renaissance-Brwn-Med Black-Med
Renaissance Brown Ebony (Black)