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Mantel Frame

7″x5″ Craftsman style mantel frame in the landscape orientation with tapered sides is perfect for that special keepsake you want sitting on a dresser, desk, mantel, or any other flat surface.  The stiles (sides) measure 2 inches at the bottom and taper to approximately 1.25 inches at the top.  

The rails are slightly recessed in the frame pictured on this page.  The rails are joined to the sides using mastery tenon joinery. The corners are secured with square pegs that go all the way through your craftsman style mantel frame.  Then each corner peg is capped with genuine ebony wood. 

On the top shelf portion of the frame, there are proud square pegs also made from ebony wood.

You have a choice of either setting the frame on a flat surface since it has a base or you also have the option to hang it on a wall. 

As with all frames this one is hand finished, using Mission Light stain to help best emphasize the grain and enhance the wood’s texture and natural colors using a four phase finishing process.

This is for a frame only, any content displayed in the frame is not included in the pricing.  

The frame pictured is the actual frame you’ll receive.

While it lasts, glass is available for this 5×7 frame for an extra cost.

For special needs or requirements regarding this frame, please contact me or click on the green Product Inquiry button.  

This frame will ship approximately within 72 hours.