Oriental Wood Frame with Loon Tile – TFT3455

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Oriental Frame with Loon Tile #3455
This oriental frame with a 6×6 Loon tile will look great in any Arts and Crafts home or gallery. This is a newly designed frame exclusive to McDermott Wood Frames. If you like oriental styled frames here’s the one that is a perfect match.

This frame is constructed of white quarter sawn oak with a very ornate appearance in its design. The side stiles are two inches wide at the bottom of the frame and then taper to one inch at the top are approximately 13.5” long. The top rail measures 1.25” and the bottom rail is 3” wide and is a genuine through tenon that goes through the stile. The top is approximately 15” wide and each joint on the frame is secured using round dowels including the top which protrude visibly.
The 6×6 tile is a relief ceramic tile in full color of a Loon and its babies swimming on the water.
On the back the tile is mounted to a fiber back board that is held into the frame using recessed turn buttons and there is a keyhole that allows for hanging the frame and tile flat to the wall.
This is a gorgeous frame, don’t hesitate if you think you like it as there may never be another one exactly like it made.
The outside dimensions of the frame is about 15”x15”.

If you like this frame and already have a tile contact me for pricing other framing options.