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Wood grain patterns will vary.

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Here’s a simple yet versatile frame perfect for any type of artwork. It still has that Mission feel with the frame constructed of quarter sawn oak that is one and a half inches wide. To secure each corner a spline is inserted on each corner edge. There is a key hole on the short rail and on the long rail to allow hanging the frame either in a portrait or landscape view.

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Each Craftsman frame is constructed starting with a raw board that is then milled, planed for thickness, and then sized for the various components of each frame.  Once the frame is fully constructed it is then taken to the finish room where it goes through four phases of finishing before it is consider finished and ready for your wall. This frame is available in several sizes and includes mounting hardware to hold the contents in place and in most cases backing.

Content shown in the pictured frame is not included.

This frame along with any frame seen on solidwoodframes.com offers many common sizes.  Many frames are in stock while others are listed as custom ready frames.  A custom ready frame is a frame that is near completion but allows you to select some certain attributes that fit your requirements or taste such as corner options, color, and how the frame content will fit.

Glass is available for the following common sized frames only, 5×7, 8×10, 8×12, 8.5″x11, 9×12, 10×13, 11×14, 12×20 and 16×20.

This frame will ship approximately within 3 to 5 weeks smaller orders and 5-6 weeks for larger quantity orders.  (Depending on current work load.)