Mission Wood Picture Frame 8×10 – IS2012


Very unique Mission wood picture frame that you will not find in any other framing store.  Completely hand crafted from start to finish.  Each frame starts as a rough board that is planed down into the stiles and sides that eventually become the frame.  If you like this frame, best buy it today because there are no plans currently for making another one!

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Mission Wood Picture Frame with Reversed Arch Rails – 8×10
Mission wood picture frame with a reverse arched top and bottom rails.  8×10 frame that has straight stiles with rails that arch inward to give it a unique appearance.  Quarter sawn oak frame with square corner pegs.  In the center of the top and bottom rails are square inlays with the larger inlays made from black walnut and the small inlay of ebony.  The Mission wood picture frame is finished in a Mission Medium stain with a satin  finish.  Side rails measure 1.5″ and the top rails measure 2.5″ wide.


  • Approximate outside dimensions = 11.5″x14.5″
  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Corners secured using square pegs
  • Turn buttons on the back are provided for securing frame content
  • Round felt pads provided.
  • Easy do it yourself design
  • Ability to hang frame flat against the wall