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Mission Style Frame 8x 10 with Round Back Bead and Inner Cove Picture Frame

Mission style frame that is 5″x7″ with a round outer bead and an inner cove which helps draw the eye toward the content of the frame.  The rails are one and a half inches wide with a quarter-inch rounded bead on the outside edge of the frame.  Then there’s a cove on the inside edges of the frame.  (See provided “frame profile” image.)

Finished in Mission Medium.

Each Mission-style frame is constructed starting with a raw board that is then milled, dimensioned, and then sized for the various components of each frame.  Once the frame is fully constructed it is then taken to the Finish-Room where it goes through four phases of finishing before it is considered finished and ready for your wall.  The frame comes with a fiber backboard that is held in with four turn buttons to easily mount the content of the frame.  The keyhole on the back of the frame allows you to hang this Mission-style frame flat against the wall.  Felt buttons are also provided to aid in protecting your wall from marring.

The Mission style is part of the Arts and Crafts Movement which was founded in the early 1900s and is still very popular throughout the U.S. in the 21st Century.

The outside dimensions of the frame are 11.5″x13.5″ and can be displayed in either the portrait or landscape orientation.

Glass is optional.

The frame pictured is only a representation of the actual frame that is currently in stock.