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Craftsman Frame

This craftsman frame will bring a true feel of the Arts and Crafts movement to any room in your house. It’s great for any photo, artwork or poster, with many sizes available. This is a beautifully styled Craftsman frame with recessed top and bottom rails.  The stiles (sides) measure 1.5 inches and the rails, 2 inches. Corners are joined using genuine mortise and through tenon joinery and then secured with your choice of pegs that go all the way through each corner. The frame stiles (sides) and rails will be 1/4″ wider on larger frames such as the 18×24 and 24×36.

You can choose a standard size Craftsman frame or select Custom Size in the drop down and create the size you require.  There are several other options you can select as well such as stain color, square or round pegs, and state what you will be putting into the frame.

All frames, including this Craftsman frame, can be constructed from various wood species.  You have a choice of Cherry, Mahogany, Black Walnut, and the most popular, quarter sawn Oak.  Each Craftsman frame is constructed starting with a raw board that is then milled, dimensioned and then sized for the various components of each frame.  Once the frame is fully constructed it is then take to the finish room where it goes through four phases of finishing before it is consider finished and ready for your wall.

This is for a frame only, any shown frame content not included in the pricing.

This frame is available in several sizes and includes mounting hardware to hold the contents in place and in most cases backing.

Glass is available for common sized frames only, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 and now, 16×20.

For special needs or requirements regarding this frame, please contact me. All wood frames can be custom made to fit your contents needing framed.

This frame will ship approximately within 4 weeks on a smaller frame and 5-6 weeks for larger frames and multiple frames.