Craftsman 8×10 Thru Tenon Picture Frame – MT2024b


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True Vintage Look From the Arts and Crafts Era
This frame will bring a true Craftsman look to any wall in your house.  It’s great for any photo, artwork or poster.  This is a true vintage looking Craftsman styled wood frame with beveled through tenons with slightly recessed top and bottom rails.  This style of wood frame is truly what distinguishes the Arts and Crafts Movement that will look great in any home or office gallery.  The stiles (sides) measure 1.5 inches and the rails, 2 inches.  The tops and bottoms of the sides are slightly beveled (not actually seen in the frame pictured).  Corners are joined using genuine mortise and through tenon joinery and then secured with a single sqaure peg that goes all the way through the frame.


  • Outside Dimensions approximately 11″x14″
  • Solid wood Construction
  • Corners secured using a square peg that goes through the frame
  • Recessed Turn Buttons on the back for securing contents
  • Easy do it yourself design
  • Ability to hang frame flat against the wall using a keyhole on the back of the frame.
  • Glass is optional

The frame pictured is only a representation of the actual frame you’ll receive.