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Ceramic Pinecone Tile

A ceramic pine cone tile that is handcrafted and not like any other tile on the market.  This particular type of pine cone tile is an original design by the artist and inspired by nature.  The artist hand carved, pressed, and then glazes each tile in various colors.

You can own this ceramic pinecone tile by itself or incorporate it with a picture frame you find on this website.  Mounting the tile is free and  when you purchase a frame with the tile, the tile price is reduced.

The size for this particular tile is approximately 4″ tall by 4″ wide.

Many styles of frames to choose from on this website to put around this ceramic pinecone tile.  Collect all the variations available in either the same type of frame or mix them up by selecting different frames for each style of pine cone tile.  Or if you can’t find one on the website but have your own idea for a tile frame, contact me and we can work together on making that perfect frame that fits your personal taste.

Below are images of just a few various frames you can choose from to put one of these beautifully crafted pinecone tile into.

Tile Frames

Craftsman Frame for ceramic pinecone tile

Craftsman Tapered Tile Frame

Carved Miter Frame for ceramic pinecone tile

Hand Carved Miter Frame for Tiles

Mission Frame for ceramic pinecone tile

Mission Style Frame for Tiles


 Mission Tile Frame for ceramic pinecone tileMiter Frame with Pine-cone tile

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