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Hand-Carved Oak Picture Frame – 12×13

This hand-carved picture frame will beautifully enhance the look within your framing gallery. This hand-carved picture frame has an inner and outer round bead that is inset slightly from the inside of the frame. Between the two round beads is the hand-carving. Indeed this wood frame speaks elegance with precision mitered corners that are then secured using wood splines. The corners have no metal used to fasten their corners together. Due to the quality of this frame, it will indeed become a family heirloom for many years.

Constructed of quarter-sawn oak,  each of the frame’s rails is 2” wide and finished in a Mission Medium color. On the back of the frame, there is a half-inch deep rabbet which allows you room to frame a matted picture with glass easily. In addition, the frame can come with a fiber backboard that is held in with four turn buttons to mount the frame’s content easily.

The frame’s outside dimensions are 15.5″ x 16.5″ and will display in either portrait or landscape orientation. The frame pictured is only a representation of the frame you’ll receive. The frame is finished in the Mission 32 stain with a slightly red hue. The carved picture frame is set up primarily to hold a picture or photo but can also be used for a small canvas painting by adding offset brackets on the back to keep it in place.

If the glass is needed, you’ll have to look for a local resource on your end.