8×10 Mission Lap-joined Cherry Frame – LJ2305


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8×10 Mission Lap-joined Cherry Frame
This is a beautiful yet simple frame constructed out of cherry wood. Each corner is secured using a square peg and then capped with ebony. A simply elegant picture frame for any room in your house or for the office that represents the Art’s and Crafts era.

Constructed of cherry wood, each rail is 1.25” wide and finished in a specially formulated Mission Cherry stain. Each McDermott frame has an approximate half inch deep rabbet that allows you plenty of room to easily frame a matted picture with glass. The frame comes with a fiber backboard and turn buttons to help hold in the frames content. The frame can be either hung flat to a wall or it can also be placed on a dress, shelf, or mantle.

The outside dimensions of the frame is 10×12 and can be displayed either in the portrait or landscape orientation.

Glass is optional.