5×7 Craftsman Tapered Through Tenon Wood Frame – MT2060


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Unique Feature for a Popular Frame

Here is a frame you will not find just anywhere. Taking a popular tapered Craftsman style frame and adding through tenons on each corner. A perfect frame for any photo or small artwork that will surely become a conversation piece hanging on your wall.
The sides taper from approximately 2 inches at the bottom to 1.25 inches at the top. The bottom rail is 2 inches wide and the top rail is 1.25 inches wide giving the frame more of that tapered look. Each corner has through tenons that are secured using round pegs that go all the way through the frame.


  • Outside Dimensions approximately 9″x10″
  • Finished in Mission Medium
  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Corners secured using a round peg that goes through the frame
  • Recessed Turn Buttons on the back for securing contents
  • Easy do it yourself design
  • Ability to hang frame flat against the wall
  • Glass is optional