Featured Artist

Ray ConnorsRay Connors has been in the ceramic industry for the past 30 years. The first 15 of those years were spent installing Ceramic Tile, in both residential and commercial properties, in Southern California. In 1992, Ray started working with clay, creating and sculpting tiles in his garage studio.

He met potters Otto and Vivica Heino, who guided and advised him in different aspects of pottery and tile making. Otto showed him how to make large architectural tiles.

Ray found himself asking questions on the different aspects of pottery, such as glazing, firing and form. He began researching information at libraries and trade shows. Working the tile trade by day and sculpting tiles in the evening, Ray began selling them in retail stores and tile showrooms, both in Ventura and Santa Barbara. This was the beginning of his designing and sculpting career. In 1995, Ray moved with his wife and 4 children back to his hometown in Western New York . While seeking out raw materials for making clay and glazes, he came upon a company near his home that did Historical Terra Cotta Restorations. Ray was asked to join their team of sculptors and mold makers . He has been sculpting for this company for 14 yrs. His work can be seen throughout the US and Canada. Ray continues to design Custom Art Tiles in his studio today.