What’s New…

My Retirement – 2022

If you’re curious why I’m no longer building beautifully handcrafted picture frames, it’s because I’ve retired.

However, I have several in-stock picture frames and tiles that I’m trying to sell before completely retiring this website.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 17 years since I opened the shop and this website.

Thank you to anyone reading this who is a happy customer of mine. I appreciate your past business and wish you wellness and happiness in the future.


Website Forced To Move – OCTOBER 2022

Due to technology changes on my old website, I had to do some major tasks to get back up and running again. A significant platform upgrade caused my theme to not work on the newest version. I remained on the old theme for about two years. Then, the company where my website used to reside decided to get rid of their virtual servers, forcing me to upgrade my theme and find a new home for this website.

So, the website you see now is new, and I’m still learning how to format things. But, overall, I like the results of this new location, and the more recent technology has allowed my website to become much faster.

I’m hoping to have in-stock products only listed on this website. I’ll no longer take custom-made picture frame orders because I’m retiring from the frame business. I thought there was a buyer for the company, but as most of us know, life happens between plans, and that’s what happened to my buyers.

You’re still more than welcome to contact me if you have any questions; be patient with the response time, as I’m also building a new home in the wooded mountains. So my phone and internet reception is spotty.